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250tph limestone crushing line in Kenya

250tph limestone crushing line in Kenya

Material : limestone
Output size : 0-6-12-20-30-50mm
Max feed size : 700mm
Capacity : 200-250tph
Application country : Kenya

Material : limestone

Output size : 0-6-12-20-30-50mm

Max feed size : 700mm

Capacity : 200-250tph

Application country : Kenya


Process Description

This design is a 2 stage crushing process, primary jaw crusher, secondary impact crusher and the vibrating screen. We apply the impact crusher as the secondary crusher is because the limestone is not hard and easy to crush. Meanwhile, the output sizes quality is all cubic shape and good continuous grade, suitable for highway construction. The clients required 5 kinds final products, and we apply 2 sets vibrating screen to make that. The impact crusher is the European tech hydraulic type, easy to operate, and high capacity.



1. Hammer is made of high chrome;

2. Liner board is made of wearable materials;

3. Specially designed tooth impact plate;

4. Excellent cubical final product and high ratio of reduction.

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